Our approach is entirely customised to the needs of each individual client. Although there are some common principles which apply universally, it is essential to understand the unique dynamics of every account. This includes understanding the product, the customer and the company. It is by developing a long term relationship and understanding of the account that we are able to develop the optimal marketing approach and deliver performance year after year.

Another foundation of our approach is finding the correct balance between people and technology. Our staff are highly trained marketing experts bringing intelligent insight into marketing campaigns and supported by the best technologies available.

We strongly believe in specialisation and only offer a closely related suite of services with a common analytical approach to optimisation where we can add significant value and deliver results.

There are 3 principles we bring to every account we manage

Work in Partnership

We treat the companies that we work with as partners. We strive to understand your goals, working transparently and collaboratively to achieve them.

Excel at the Basics

One of the keys to success in PPC is to execute the fundamentals of PPC management to a consistently superb standard. Only from solid foundations can the most advanced techniques be applied.

Practical Innovation

Constant innovation with new and existing tools is essential to maintaining a competitive advantage year after year. We are leaders in the adoption of new products and developing unique applications for them.

Why are we called Kinase?

When choosing a name for the agency, we took inspiration from Richard’s background in biochemistry. While online marketing can be complicated, it is nothing compared to the complexity of cellular biological processes. Countless chemical reactions are constantly and simultaneously taking place in perfect balance to keep the body working and enable everything from cellular reproduction to thought itself. It is difficult to control such a complex system, but an elegant solution evolved in the form of the kinase enzymes. These molecules operate a command and control function which regulates all the most important cellular processes. They specialise in coordinating complex functions (reproduction), amplifying signals for a rapid response to stimuli (adrenal response) and maintaining optimal states (blood glucose levels). We thought this was a good name to aspire to.